"Dear Pamela, I can't begin to express my gratitude for your mixing up my essential oil muscle and joint pain blend.   It worked immediately, the stiffness in my joints is nearly gone and yes, I am starting to enjoy these diet changes!   I feel young again.   Thank you!"


"Good Morning Pam,

             Okay, close your eyes and envision me doing the happy dance because that is what I am doing!!  I had my bone scan this morning.  Not only did I not lose bone but I actually grew bone!!   I would like to request the next batch of tea.  Go ahead and throw anything in there that will continue to grow bone.  It will be interesting to see if I can continue down this positive path.

             Such glorious excitement in the middle of a very stressful world!  Thank you – thank you – thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill for the good of others.

            God Bless, with much love,"   .....  MK

Dear Pamela,
"I can't thank you enough for what you've done to start this amazing recovery.    I have suffered for so long with every system failing me and you have shown me that I can indeed feel good again.    Your knowledge and ability are sweetly complimented by your faith and the power that flows through your hands is felt in so many ways.   I believe God is working through you and you have been a gift in my life.   
God Bless you too!"   .....  Marilynn 
Great Experience

"First Experience with Acupuncture ... I was having severe pain which was diagnosed as a sciatic nerve problem. After months of treatment (Phys Therapy & Pain Meds) the pain still kept me in a wheelchair. A physician recommended I try acupuncture. I consulted a health care professional friend and she recommended Pamela Bellamy in Roswell. The first visit I was wheeled in, unable to walk because of pain. After 4 visits I was able to get into the office with a walker. A few weeks later I was functioning with a cane. There has been no return of the sciatic nerve pain. Pam Bellamy was most professional while displaying sincere compassion. I continue to see her periodically and my physician is delighted with the ongoing improvement in my health overall. My use of prescription pain meds is virtually terminated. I have learned Pam Bellamy is kind and compassionate, BUT she has no problem pointing out (sternly) when I fail to do my part in maintaining my own health. She does this whether I want to hear it or not. Not a bad combination - Professionalism, Compassion AND Honesty."  ..... Ed M.

"Pamela has been such a blessing in my life.  She takes care of all my sniffles along with every ache and pain (and let’s not forget menopause symptoms).  I have always been extremely satisfied with the results of her treatments whether it is acupuncture or her herbal formulas.  She is both professional and caring and will actually sit and listen to you.  I also see her if I just need an extra boost of energy or a boost in my immune system.  I give her two thumbs up!" .....Tracy S.

 "Pamela has been treating me for various conditions for several years. I have found her to be one of the most compassionate and caring health care professionals I have ever met. She doesn’t only treat your ailments but treats your whole being. While treating you she encourages you to educate yourself. She also gives you the tools to keep your self in optimum health. I can’t praise her enough. I only wish there were more in the field like her." .... David V.

"Thank you so much for the appointment. I never thought that I would feel this much better after one visit. Some co workers and friends have witnessed the difference in one visit.  They are so amazed at what she did for me they want to try it. thanks thanks thanks" ...  Norman A.,  Assistant Fire Chief White Co. FD.

"Pamela has been treating me for a few years. She is compassionate and has a very “soft” touch. She has helped me with menopausal symptoms including hot flashes. I have not had one since she began treating me!" ... Kathy V.

"Good afternoon, Pam.  As you may recall, I visited you twice for acupuncture treatments for my shoulder back in the spring.  I have been remiss in failing to get back to you as you requested to let you know how things turned out.  I have regained good range of motion and have had little pain since my visits to you.  I have been playing golf regularly without any problems.   So, all in all, I would say the acupuncture treatments were a success and I thank you very much." ... CK

"Pamela Bellamy is without a doubt a gifted and intelligent practitioner. My first session with her helped me clear an issue with hives that had been a huge issue for me for nine months. I had even been to an allergist from Harvard Medical School who could not tell me what the issue was. They just put me on medicine and told me to go on my way. After just one session with Pamela, I never dealt with hives again nor did I ever take any medication for them after the day we met. She looked at my food chart and said that everything I was eating was a heat food and had me change my diet and get treatment from her. I had been on Allegra for a full nine months before I found her. I never took that pill again from the day we met and I've never had hives ever again from that time. This was 15 years ago! She helped me throughout my pregnancy. I trust Pamela with all my heart, soul and body. I cannot recommend her enough-you are in very good hands with her!"  Emily A. Francis