Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

I am a classically trained acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritionist and wellness coach.   I've completed a four year Masters Program in Chinese Medicine (including herbal medicine) and have been in my practice for eighteen years and I know I can help you change your health and life for the better.   I do believe God has given us natural medicine to heal our bodies, minds and spirits and it's often a lot easier than you think.   AND IT DOESN'T HURT!    And I don't have to use needles if you're terrified of them!   I have so many ways to work with people, you'll be smiling when you leave my office.   Isn't it time to get rid of your pain, improve your health and find more joy, energy and wellbeing?

I have a compounding pharmacy of over 2,000 bottles of 5 to 10 times concentrated herbal powders and make formulas specifically for you, to treat and balance your whole body, mind and spirit.   And I make them taste great for you.    

Don't just mask your health issues, HEAL THEM!