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Pamela BellamyPamela Bellamy, L. Ac., Diplomate O M,  

I graduated at the top of her class from Yo San University, established by Mao and Dao Ni, 39th generation acupuncturists, after completing a four year Masters program in Chinese medicine.  I was talking with a patient today who didn't realize I did a pre-med bachelor of Science prior to starting acupuncture school, so I thought I'd share that here as well.    And no, all acupuncturists aren't created equal.    Some only go to one year programs in acupuncture only... no nutrition, herbal training or western medicine sciences.     So if you have gone to an acupuncturist or a physical therapist doing 'dry needling' and didn't get healthier and better, please consider trying Classic Chinese medicine.    There is healing in this medicine.   Go to the Classics, go to the Source.